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If you want to learn how we trade take the time to read through the following posts that have been written by us over the last decade:

When to anticipate a swing breakout 

The perfect chart and some goals

Make Peace with Not Catching Every Turn

No matter what your time-frame be patient and wait for that edge

Support is working, if you’re a daytrader

Career in one chart

Overshoot post Trend day:  Case file AAPL

Support long example GDXJ

This is how we buy reversals

Dip Buying, Strategy Talk

How not to trade

Trading and washing toilets

Without Conviction, We’re Nothing

Daytrader Toolbox, EMA talk

Papa don’t preach

Trader Screen Configuration

In it for the long term

Thank You

Best Purchase in a Long Time

Charts are never enough

Trader’s Edge: Overcoming the Distancing Effect

Daytrader Toolbox: When to short the gap up

When Knife catching is not Knife catching

Trading Thoughts

How to run a business: newsletter case study

It’s the execution stupid!
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The Indy
Overshoot Strategy Example Again
Buy the first test, never the second
Target Trades
Consolidation day Strategy
Super Focus II
Super Focus
Trading Talk
How to catch a knife properly
Overshoot Strategy; Another example
Buy first test, short the second
EMA strategy for buying support
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The Homework
Fundie/Technical Analysis
Comparative Analysis
Our Four Strategies
Key Points
How to Daytrade Support
Have Vision
Base and Break Pattern
Ten Lessons on Life that Apply to Trading