New candidates


CDNS #13 IBD we posted about on our StockTwits feed when it was in the MarketSmith Near Pivot Scan and it broke out today with a nice entry just under 70. IBD plus Near Pivot Scan can often result in solid trading set-ups.

VOYA also from the Near Pivot Scan is a tough stock to nail but we love the base and are waiting for a good set-up to get in. Over 55.5 -56 breaks it out of weekly base. Set an alert for 55.5

OLED great strength here on every time frame — again, not easiest stock to trade and with stocks like OLED VOYA we often find best to have limit order swing/smaller size/wider stop instead of trying to find intraday entry.

And here is the weekly look — gorgeous but needs to base under 190. It’s already at top of BB and we want it to digest the recent move before breaking out.

SPY sweet spot — note last week’s basing never broke sweet spot bottom (upper Dev 1). Day 9 now of trend. Incredible tape.

See you on the streams. HCPG