#IBD Partner #AD

FinTwit is giddy with retail this morning with lots of breakouts across the board.   Here is a quick and handy MarketSmith scan for retail stocks to go through:


Sometimes it really is as easy as it looks and as traders we make it too complicated.  Case in point, LULU:   it held like a champ on that 20sma while market dumped, and now breaks out.   Exactly what you want to see — we should have been all over it (but aren’t) under 100.     When market changes from range bound to trend you have to start trusting it more … let’s see if we can get our close above 270 for Friday close.

LULU look at how that 20sma was constantly bought — wow. Gorgeous.  We got too cute and thought it would break and didn’t trust it — mistake of course not to have on watch-list.   Never stop learning.